young parents

Do you know a young parent 20 or under who could benefit from the Early Years Improve Life Chances programme and lives in the Dover District.

Bechange are delivering the Early Years Improved Life Chances Programme over a period of two years, exploring issues such as tuning into their baby/child, exploring feelings, the importance of play, parenting styles and communication. It aims to develop a framework of thinking about parent/child relationships which can be developed into lifelong skills. The programme will include parenting workshops and groups as well as one-to-one support from a young parent’s support worker who has been trained in the Solihull Foundation Approach. Each parent will have a full assessment before starting the programme in order to establish their support needs. With their support worker they will have the opportunity to look at the challenges that may make it difficult to parent as well as be supported to reach their goals.


To be eligible the young parent needs to be 20 years or younger and live in the Dover District area. We can take referrals for young persons who are pregnant or have a child.



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