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Calling all Young Parents 20 and under living in the Dover District area!

If you are, or are about to become a parent, we know that you will have lots of things to consider. We understand that this will be a significant change and you may be worried about how you will manage to care for your child’s development needs or have more practical concerns about where you will live, managing a budget for the first time or continuing your education. Whatever your worries, Bechange can support you. And that goes for dads too! We understand that young fathers are equally keen to learn all about what the future holds. That’s why we welcome all young mums and dads to our programmes.

The Early Years Improved Life Chances can support you to work towards your individual goals and help you with the things that can sometimes make life difficult, help you gain confidence and skills so that you can enjoy being a parent.

We can give you guidance on matters such as finance and budgeting, housing issues, relationships and family life, health and wellbeing and planning for the future including skills and employment.

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